What is Reiki?

I remember, in my childhood whenever I used to get hurt while playing, my mom used to keep her palm on that area to soothe my pain. For some reason, it used to work. To a certain extent, it used to reduce the pain and soothe me. Did the same happen to you too?  To […]Read More



For People Who Wants To Get Rid Of Their Health, Relationship & Financial Problems Finally! You too can get rid of all your life’s problems and heal all your diseases with the powerful Universal Energy & start your journey towards Holistic living. Yes! you can absolutely do it with the help of Universal Energy under the guidance of  (R)ediscovering (I)nner (U)niverse – RIU Aritri Enroll In […]Read More


Agnihotra Homa

Agnihotra Homa is a Vedic practice. It is a completely scientific way to purify the environment. According to Vedic teaching, it attracts, balances, and harmonizes the prana, the vital energy. Many scientific studies have shown, Agnihotra homa is a great environment purifier and helps to cure many diseases as well. When the Agnihotra homa is […]Read More


What is a holistic life?

The word ‘Holistic’ signifies ‘whole’. Holistic life means living a balanced life. When a person’s mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life are in a synchronized state, then we can say he is living a holistic life. A person who is physically fit but emotionally fragile or mentally broken does not have a healthy […]Read More

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Yoga – A Lifestyle

Yoga is the holistic approach towards a healthy body and mind. Scientific research has shown the unending health benefits of yoga. Not only it helps to prevent disease but also cures it through the therapeutic approach. Yoga increases flexibility, strength, stamina, immunity, mental stability, boosts metabolism, improves digestion, respiration, blood circulation, relieves stress, brings calm […]Read More