What is Reiki?

I remember, in my childhood whenever I used to get hurt while playing, my mom used to keep her palm on that area to soothe my pain. For some reason, it used to work. To a certain extent, it used to reduce the pain and soothe me. Did the same happen to you too? 

To this date whenever we get any pain in any part of the body, we keep our hands on the affected area to soothe it. I am sure many of you will agree. What do you think is happening there when we keep our palms in a painful part of the body? 

It’s our energy that alleviates the suffering. Directly or indirectly, we receive this energy from the Universe itself. Imagine the enormous source of energy, that our Universe has, in comparison to our petit energy. If we know ‘how to harness this energy, then we become a great channel of the Universal energy flow. Many people are already using this energy to transform their life mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually and whatnot. They are channelling the Universal energy to heal themselves as well as to heal others.

“Rei” is a Japanese word that means Universal and “Ki” means life force, chi (in Chinese). The same energy is known as ‘Prana’ in India. So, Reiki means “Universal Energy”. This powerful but loving energy source is never-ending. We are all born to channel this energy but most of us don’t know how to. 

This life force energy pervades everywhere including non-living things. This energy flows through the chakras (nerve ganglions in the energy level) in the human body to keep it balanced. We all must know how to harness the life force energy to keep our chakras balanced, which in turn makes our everyday life balanced, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually, and socially.

Among all the different healing modalities Reiki is very simple to learn and channel. It also gives profound results. That’s why nowadays it’s becoming more popular. It is been used as an alternate medicine along with contemporary treatment.


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