The Journey Toward Holistic Living

This holistic book is a practical guideline with the basic knowledge of ‘What is Holistic Lifestyle’. Aritri has used her experience to guide you on what changes you can bring about in your daily life, which will help in personal transformation. The book targets your mind-body healing and provides coaching on ‘how to’ lead a holistic living.


This book has a scientific approach, which allows you to understand the concepts and indulge in alternative medicine healing. This new age reference book guides you on developing Holistic Health and overall wellbeing while staying away from medicine.

The Holistic Health Book also enlightens on ‘Energy Healing’.

The book throws light on the seven aspects of ‘How to have a holistic lifestyle’:

Mental Health
Physical Health
Emotional Health
Social Heath
Environmental Health
Financial Health
Spiritual Health

Hope you enjoy reading this book and incorporate the given methods to bring positive transformation to your life.

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