Soulful Coloring : Mindful Coloring Meditation

More than 100 beautiful Mandalas are Ready to Color | De-Stress your Mind and Enjoy Mindful Coloring with the Intricate Mandala Designs | Relax with the Therapeutic Effect of this Meditative Coloring Book

Enjoy this Mindful Coloring Meditation book as you color this Calming Mandala Designs & PatternsRecharge your heart soul and mind with the splash of colors in your life.



De-stress & Relaxation: No rules to color. Just Relax and Have Fun. It will help you to escape from the electronic world and bring hours of relaxation.

Calming Mandala Designs & Pattern: Add colors to the soothing and calming mandala patterns. Thus shifting your focus toward your inner creativity and allowing you to find tranquillity and balance in life.

Good for all Ages: Coloring is fun and artistic experience for all ages. Allow your inner child to cherish the moments of coloring. Designs & Patterns used in this book are for both adults as well as children.

Unleash Your Creative Mind: Bring out your Inner Calm & Hidden Creative Potential as you express yourself through the illustrations.

A Great Gift: This mindful coloring meditative book is a perfect gift for anyone in your life. You are gifting relaxation and inner calmness to someone.

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