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About RIU

Rediscovering Inner Universe

Welcome to Rediscovering Inner Universe. This platform will guide you in how you can discover the amazing energies of the universe residing inside you.

There is a saying ‘God resides in everyone’; that is completely true. The energies that flow through our veins, through our body, through our nerves make us a godly being.

RIU (REDISCOVERING INNER UNIVERSE – hub.riuaritri.com) helps each & every individual to channelize this energy and produce a healing effect on illness, sickness, and also helps in the manifestation of their goals.

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RIU Aritri



Aritri is an Artistic, Soulful, Reiki Master, Angel & Tarot Healer, Spiritual Seeker, Author, Yoga & wellness Instructor & Mindfulness Coach. She is the founder of Rediscovering Inner Universe (RIU) a platform that guides you to live a holistic lifestyle through natural healing, meditation & mind power. Her mission is to bring dynamic transformation to people’s lives.

She has Authored “The Journey Towards Holistic Living”. She published many books on Mindful Coloring Meditation. She also published a Goal Manifestation Journal “My Dream Journal: Live Your Dream”. Check out Her Author Page.

She lives in India with her loving husband and 2 cute cats. In her spare time, she loves to play with her cats. She loves the beauty of nature and can spend hours amid nature. She loves painting & craftwork. 

"Meditation Brings Answer. Connect with your Higher-Self with the easiest way to Meditate, through the Guided Meditations."

Riu Aritri

Books Authored By Aritri

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What will you get

Meditations on

Exploring Inner World
Perfect Day Manifestation
Gaining Confidence
Let go of Toxic emotions through Forgiveness Concept of Yoga Nidra
Guided Meditations on Yoga Nidra
Release Anxiety-Worry
Color Therapy Meditation Healing Body - Mind

why join this course

Meditation is not only the body and mind relaxation, but it is a bridge to connect with the divine. In this course, there are original guided meditations recorded by Aritri. You will get short as well as long-duration meditations. There are Guided Meditations for dealing with Insomnia, Anxiety - Worry.



Increased Awareness

Body-Mind relaxation
Increased Intuition


Do you want transformation in your physical, mental & emotional health?

If Yes! Then you are at the right place.

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