Meditations By RIU Aritri

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Connect with your Higher-Self with the easiest way to Meditate, through the Guided Meditations

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Meditation is not only the body and mind relaxation, but it is a bridge to connect with the divine.

The process through which you block your surroundings and reach this state of emptiness is called meditation. The major purpose of any meditation is to calm the mind. 

There are original guided meditations recorded by Aritri. Enjoy your meditation time and explore your inner world. Download for lifetime access.

Audio List :

  1. Guided Meditation on Goal Manifestation –  16 min
  2. Guided Meditation on Perfect Day –  9 Min
  3. Guided Meditation on Imaginary World –  20 Min
  4. Guided Meditation for Anxiety & Worry –  17 Min
  5. Guided Meditation on Your Secret World –  30 Min
  6. Guided Meditation on Color Therapy –  25 Min
  7. Guided Meditation on Self-Love –  23 Min


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